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Program News - August 2021:

Welcome back to school Aquarian! Aquarian Childcare Program is actively working to launch a new and improved program. These efforts take time and therefore we must extend our closure through the end of 2021...

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Welcome to Aquarian Childcare Program

Aquarian Childcare Program is an organization that supports families and their children who attend Aquarian Charter School, an Anchorage School District elementary school. Aquarian Childcare Program provides quality, safe, and affordable before and after school child care services for Aquarian Charter School.

Aquarian Childcare Program provides a safe space with structured caregiving by trained and accredited staff for children with working parents or who otherwise would be alone after school. Aquarian Childcare Program is operated exclusively to provide child care support services either through a self-run childcare program or by partnering with a local childcare provider business.
A qualified child care administrator leads the program, which is staffed by trained personnel in accordance with Municipality of Anchorage child care licensing requirements. A volunteer Board of Directors oversees the business affairs of Aquarian Childcare Program including childcare licensing requirements and other program business administration efforts.

Providing safe, quality childcare

Through Aquarian Childcare Program, children have an opportunity to participate in numerous types of staff-supported activities such as art projects, group cooking, science projects, competitions, homework assistance, individual and group play time, outdoor physical activities, and designated reading time. The activities create learning opportunities for young children and allow them to interact with adult staff, their peers, and children from other age groups, in a positive setting outside their school classroom. Aquarian Childcare Program fosters development of teamwork, leadership, educational growth, friendship and social skills in a safe, fun environment. Aquarian Childcare Program offers staff competitive pay and encourages career development for child care professionals. We provide opportunity for hired administrators and staff to attend required certification training and other educational events such as college courses and conferences to build staff skills that directly benefit the program.

Structured Playtime

Homework Assistance

Reading & Quiet Time

Friendship & Teamwork


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